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                                 Conveniently located in the Eastwood Neighborhood of Syracuse

                     Click this link to see one of our 5 Year old students play the classic Mozart

Mozart KlavierStucke

                                                                       Some Benefits of Piano Lessons:
                                                                       ·  Refines Time Management and Organizational Skills 

                                                                       ·  Improves Listening Skills

                                                                       ·  Increases Memory
                                                                       ·  Increase Creative Abilities

                                                                       ·  Enhances  coordination 
                                                                       ·  Fosters Self expression
                                                                       ·  Promotes Happiness
                                                                       ·  A Great sense of Accomplishment! 

                                                                        Great Piano Lessons
                                                                        At Reasonable Rates!!!                              

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                    You have found one of the top piano studios in the Syracuse area!
                    Our Piano Studio will help you develop your own musicianship. 
                    Your Teacher is one of the outstanding Music Educators in the CNY area!
                  The Teacher:
                      Bachelors Degree Piano/Music Theory (Rochester, NY)
                     Over 40 Years Studying Piano
                     Over 15 Years Teaching the Piano
                     Member CNY Music Teachers Association
                     Numerous Performances
                     Numerous Compositions for Piano and String Quartet
                     Say Yes to Education Piano Teacher (Syracuse City Schools)
                     Former Clark Music Steinway Teacher
                     Private Piano Studio
                     Church Organist Blessed Sacrament Syracuse, NY

                                     With our Eastwood Piano Studio You receive:
                                             •Experienced Top Professional Teacher
                                             • Weekly Lessons
                                             •Monthly Group Lessons  
                                             •Annual Recitals

Whether you are on a path to a career in music, wish your child to have a strong appreciation of music or are continuing your own musical journey you have found the right place at our Eastwood Piano Studio.

Your 1st piano lesson is Free!
Experienced Piano teacher accepting new students
All ages and levels welcome.
Beginners 4 years old and up are welcome. Many students learn to read music before they learn to read words.
Teacher has nearly 20 years teaching experience with all age groups and skill levels.
In addition to the weekly lesson, there is also a monthly group class included.
The student will also be given the opportunity to participate in two annual recitals. When the student has reached adequate proficiency he or she may also participate in piano competitions.
Your 1st lesson is free!!!
Please call (315) 741-0011

A safe friendly learning environment
All students under age 18 years must be accompanied by a Parent or
Legal guardian  during the lesson.

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 Eastwood Syracuse Piano Studio

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Your First Lesson is FREE!

​Daytime or After School Lessons Available

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